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Self portrait of myself playing my trumpet

About Me

Photoshoots that are fun and convenient

Bay Area people lead very busy lifestyles. Professionals, actors, students, families, creatives, and businesses, we all have things in common. Every so often we need quality photos. Maybe you need that perfect headshot, or family photos, or maybe your restaurant or business needs some web or social media content. Don't let your busy lifestyle stop you from getting what you need. I am here to help.

I am Bay Area native, I know the challenges that you are going through. I will work with you to acheive your visual goals. I am a music teacher and a photographer and I love to create.  I have been creating art since age 10 when I started playing trumpet, and I  have been creating ever since. 11 years ago I started taking photos. My father was a hobbyist photographer so I always had cameras around the house. I have many pictures of myself from my childhood and having those helped me form my love of photography and also the importance of capturing important moments with a camera.

I started my photography journey in 2009. I loved taking pictures of everything and anything, but when I took my first portrait of my mom and dad, I was hooked. I loved capturing people and their emotions. I posted a few to social media and the everyone kept telling me I had an "eye" for photography. I shot a few weddings and portrait sessions for some friends, but it wasn't until I took pictures of people who weren't my friends and having them really like my photos did I feel like I was worthy. I have shot numerous headshots, family photos, portraits, and weddings! (I don't list weddings as something I do, but if you are interested message me and I'll send you a link to my wedding work) My love of photography and creating is my strongest asset, let me help you get the pictures you want.

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Tel: 650.430.3800

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